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Father Robert Barron-Lent Day 33


Lent Day


The fear of death is like a cloud, a terrible shadow that falls over human life and experience. All of our proximate fears are reflections of, and participation in, this primordial fear. It cramps us, turns us in on ourselves, makes us defensive, hateful, violent, and vengeful.   
Further, most of the structures of oppression in the world are predicated upon the fear of death. Because a tyrant can threaten his people with death, he can dominate them; because a dictator can threaten people with killing, he can perpetrate all sorts of injustice. Whenever the strong (in any sense) overwhelm the weak, we are looking at the ways of death.        
But what would life be like if we were no longer afraid? What if death had finally lost its sting?         
Then we would live as the saints do--not immune to suffering, but, if I can put it this way, unaffected by it. We would know that we are loved by a power that transcends death, and this would fill us with an exuberance beyond measure.      
Jesus came to inaugurate this fearless and death-defying love. Therefore in the great words of John Paul II, which were really the words of Christ, "Do not be afraid."  

Holy Week & Easter At Saint Adelaide Parish 2014

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2014 Boston Catholic Appeal- Forward in Hope

The 2014 Boston Catholic Appeal , "Forward in Hope "has been launched! Please see the highlight link for information on how you may support this appeal.



Canonizations of Blessed John XXIII and John Paul II - April 27th



Canonizations of Blessed John XXIII & John Paul II

April 27, 2014


On April 27th, EWTN will feature live coverage from the Vatican of canonization of two beloved leaders of the modern-day Church: Popes John XXII and John Paul II. Visit to watch online, and to find out more about some of the specials and series that focus on the lives and legacies of these holy men.


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