Sound Files

Since the celebration of the liturgy is the very lifeblood of parish and family life at St. Adelaide's, it is essential to teach our children to sing the sacred hymns of the faith and the to sing the parts of the Mass that belong to the congregation.  The following are some of the hymns and service music used regularly at the 10:00 a.m. Family Mass on Sundays.  Our Religious Education team uses these files to teach and reinforce the singing of sacred music during our weekly classes, and you are encouraged to make use of them with your children at home as well.  Unless otherwise noted, the following sound clips were recorded by The Choristers of Saint Adelaide under the direction of our Organist & Choirmaster, Michael Olbash.


At The Lamb's High Feast
Holy God We Praise Thy Name
Hymn to Saint Adelaide
Lord Who Throughout These Forty Days
O Sacred Head Surrounded


Lord Have Mercy  (BVCYC) - from "Mass in Honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Star of the Sea" by Michael Olbash
Glory to God  (RCAB) - Roman Missal

Gospel Acclamations:

Lenten Gospel Acclamation - from Ignatius Pew Missal
Easter Gospel Acclamation  (BVCYC) - by Theodore Marier, based on "VICTORY" hymn tune
Ordinary Time Gospel Acclamation  (BVCYC) - by Theodore Marier

Eucharistic Acclamations:

Preface Dialogue (BVCYC) - Roman Missal
Holy Holy (BVCYC) - from "Mass in Honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Star of the Sea" by Michael Olbash
We Proclaim Your Death O Lord  (RCAB) - Roman Missal Chant, Form A
Our Father - Roman Missal (Snow)
Lamb of God - from "Missa di Sancta Maria Magdalena" by Healey Willan


RCAB - Sound files taken from the Office of Divine Worship, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston.  Richard Clark, conductor.

BVCYC - Sound files taken from the Blackstone Valley Catholic Youth Choir.  Michael Olbash, conductor.