Every Sunday a new edition of our eight-page parish bulletin is published.

Every week the front cover of the bulletin features a new photograph of religious artwork pertaining to the time of year or current events in the parish. The next page typically features an article from a Catholic news agency or an original article written by one of our pastors or seminarians. The third page of the bulletin contains a schedule of the upcoming week's masses, a list of the week's liturgical readings, a prayer to meditate on, and a list of important religious occasions such as baptisms, weddings, and burials. The fourth page contains parish announcements with sections for parish stewardship, religious education, upcoming events, and sometimes information about the 500 club. The fifth page features more parish announcements and sometimes announcements about other events occurring in the local area. The sixth page is constant week to week with information about the parish liturgical schedule, contact information, and a parish staff list. The seventh and eighth page contains ads that pay for the publication of our bulletin.

Past issues of the bulletin can be viewed on the Past Issues page.

If you wish to have something included in the bulletin, please send it to our bulletin editor, Marie Capillo, at mcapillo@saintadelaide.org

If you wish to inquire about advertising in the bulletin, please contact Liturgical Publications at 1.800.888.4574.